10 Popular Types Of Durian

3 delicious different coloured durian types, yelloe, orange and red fruits

Durians are tropical fruits that are extremely popular in Southeast Asia. Choosing the right variant of durian can be difficult and this ‘King of Fruits’ has quite a few variants. Let’s take a look at some of the best kinds of durian that are available commercially.

Finding the right durian variant can be difficult and there are countless clones in the market. You should always purchase fruits from reputed sellers only so that you get the best in terms of quality and authenticity. You should always try to smell the fragrance of the durian to assess its quality. Most importantly you should always ensure the shape of the durian is exactly as advertised. Clones tend to have weird shapes and look slightly off. Many sellers often try to sell off rejected pieces to unsuspecting customers and you should avoid getting duped that way.

Mao Shan Wang

A Look at the Top 10 Types of Durian This is one of the finest durian types available in the market and is widely popular for its bittersweet taste and stickiness. The creamy texture of the Mao Shan Wang has led it to being called ‘butter Durian’ or ‘Cat Mountain King’. The taste is a mix of flavors and a single fruit can be both sweet and bitter.

Golden Phoenix

The Golden Phoenix or the Jin Feng is known to have a distinct pale yellow-whiter color and the fruit is generally quite bitter and has a watery texture unlike other durians which tend to have a creamier texture. The Phoenix is widely available in the regions of Pahang and Johor and has a very strong and pungent smell.


The XO is similar to the Golden Phoenix in terms of color but this variant of durian tends to be much more bitter and softer. The fleshy meat of the XO tends to have an alcoholic flavor and is often used in local cuisine. The XO is widely available in Johor and Genting.


The D24 is widely available in Malaysia and is known for its rich and creamy taste. The fruit is also known as Sultan for its kingly taste and it’s known to be a bit more expensive when compared to most other variants. The pale yellow color is similar to other durians that are grown in the Pahang and Johor regions. The D24 is creamy and bitter and the flesh is quite juicy without being too watery.


Unlike other durians which tend to be yellowish in color the D13 has a distinct orange color. The deep burnt orange texture of the D13 is mostly due to the sweetness. While other durians tend to be on the bitter side the D13 is significantly sweet. However, you will miss out on the strong taste that other durian variants offer and it is also less fibrous. They are mostly consumed by people who love sweet fruits and its seeds are often used in a wide variety of cuisine in some regions.


Just like the D13, the D1 also tends to be on the sweeter side and its taste is quite different from any other type of durian due to its milky taste that sets it apart. The seeds of the D1 tend to be quite small and the flesh tends to have a nice crunchy taste on the surface of the flesh. The Johor region of Malaysia is one of the largest producers of the D1 for both local production as well as export.


The D101 is also has orange colored flesh that is distinctly bright and can be easily recognized by people who are connoisseurs of durians. The fruit is quite sweet and creamy and it is often loved by people who cannot withstand the bitter taste of most other variants of durian.

Red Prawn or Ang Hay and Hong Xia

The Red Prawn gets its name from the similarity in terms of color to prawns. Some other names of the fruit are Ang Hay and Hong Xia. The orangey red color of the Hong Xia makes them easily distinguishable. The fruit tends to be on the stickier side and leaves a nice and sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

Green Bamboo or Qing Zhu

The Green Bamboo or popularly, the Qing Zhu is widely produced in the Johor region of Malaysia. The fruit tends to have a pale yellow color like other durian variants but it tends to have a unique greenish tinge, hence the name Green Bamboo. The taste of the fruit tends to be on the sweeter side and has a very fibrous flesh. The flesh tends to be on the thicker side in the Green Bamboo.

Hei Zhen Zhu or Black pearl

Hei Zhen Zhu or the Black Pearl is very pale in color and tends to have grey undertones. The black pearl has a very slight bitter taste and is very smooth in terms of texture. The fruit is very creamy and has very tiny seeds.

How to select the perfect durian?